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About Us

Backward Logic enables your organization to strengthen its security through effective & affordable vulnerability assessments of applications, networks, staffing and business implementation.

Our security testing services produce findings that automated scans miss!


The results may shock you, see a sample report here!

Why We’re So Effective

At Backward Logic, we’re good guys who excel at playing the part of the bad guys. We don’t just give you scan results to convince you we’ve accomplished something. Instead, we find security issues that have the potential to undermine your business structure and pose significant risk to your brand. We do this while keeping in mind that communication is critical to finding solutions that work for you and your business.

Our security testing services produce findings that will surprise you! Then these findings are paired with custom security solutions and recommendations,  communicated with easily understood strategies for remediation.

Our Security Experts Are the Real Deal

They aren’t pretending to be security experts; they’re the real deal. Our penetration testing and cyber red team specialist have 20 years of experience in the Information Security industry.

Our team regularly ranks highly in bug bounty programs. They’re also avid participants in responsible disclosure. They’ve represented dozens of high-ranking Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in big box retail web applications, ranging from basic Cross Site Scripting to Remote Code Execution.

Our specialists hold most major industry certifications, including OSCP, CISSP and various SANS certifications.

Our Goal Is To Rebalance the Scales in Your Favor

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The safety of your business and customers is paramount. We don’t consider ourselves just security professionals; we’re investors in the collective future of Information Security.

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