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Red Team Exercises

Realistic threat emulation scenarios


Many believe that a single penetration test is an effective measure of an enterprise’s security posture. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous assumption.

Without the holistic approach of a cyber red team assessment, you can’t fully understand the threats that might lie hidden in your infrastructure and web applications.

Our Red Team dives deep to find potential threats that could lay within any aspect of your enterprise


Evaluate Your Company’s Vulnerabilities

Compared to a single penetration test, our Red Team hacking exercise has a broad scope of threat assessments to find threats in every part of your company.

The most effective way for us to root out potential threats is by emulating those threats. In other words, we hack your systems and infrastructure to see where your organization’s vulnerabilities might lay. We can attempt to (safely) compromise your data store that houses credit card information. Or infiltrate your intranet, without detection, in the same way that a designated advanced persistent threat (APT) would operate.


We Make Flaws As Transparent to You As They Are To A Hacker

After revealing the gaps in your security, we help you create an action plan. This will allow you to not only be armed to prevent threats, but more importantly, have the tools to detect and mitigate them in  real time.

Our goal is to re-balance the scales in your favor

There’s No Time Like the Present

Chances are you aren’t aware of the variety of threats that potentially lurk in your enterprise. A hacker could discover them before you do. Let us show you how we can help you protect your enterprise.

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