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Vulnerability Research

Protect your brand’s reputation

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Public vulnerability assessments causes unnecessary expenses while creating problems for your brand. You’ll have to pay researchers for their findings and you’ll have to pay a premium for hosting the program. That still doesn’t address the cost of having your employees filter out findings and validate bugs.

Our research experts deliver the same findings. But we do it quicker and for a fraction of the cost, without public exposure.

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Forget Public Bug Bounty Programs!

Did you know public bug bounty programs can have a negative impact on your company’s brand?

Picture this… two companies begin identical public bug bounty programs at the same time. Company A has over 100 vulnerabilities detected, but Company B has only 15, because they conducted their own private vulnerability assessment before they initiated a public version. This allowed them to identify and resolve numerous security issues in private.

Imagine how these very different security profiles look to investors, customers and other stakeholders.

Prevent bad publicity with early threat detection!

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Our penetration testing team has seen flaws in how programs are implemented; flaws that will cost you money and your brand’s reputation.

Our proven approach will safeguard your reputation by conducting tests privately, while saving you money.

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