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Website Penetration Testing

Protect your business and your clientele

Backward Logic web penetration testing helps root out and address threats before they affect your bottom line. We use our decades of experience to show you where your enterprise is vulnerable and then guide you to mitigate those security issues.

A Multi-Faceted Solution

Web applications have expanded beyond websites. This means internal elements, such as human resources, infrastructure management and other key organizational components, are also at risk. That makes it more important than ever to use penetration testing services to protect your customers and your bottom line.

If you aren’t 100 percent sure that your applications are secure from hackers, insider attacks and accidental damage, our penetration testing service can provide the comprehensive assessment your enterprise needs.

Our advanced web application penetration testing


helps finds complex vulnerabilities that can stop


your organization

Custom Web Penetration Testing Reveals Hidden Vulnerabilities

We find vulnerabilities that scanners often can’t. Tools like Burp Suite Pro and Acunetix might find common signature-based vulnerabilities, but they just aren’t configured to find more complex forms of common attacks.

These missed attacks include some relatively simple occurrences of external XML entities, SQL injection, command injection, file uploads and more. Worse, these tools often fail to assess substantial flaws, such as indirect object reference (viewing of user information) and logical issues in authentication.

Our unique holistic approach has uncovered these threats and more, both for clients and in public bounties. We also have a strong track record for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities in well-known commercial products.

Protect Your Bottom Line and Your Customers at the Same Time

Your web app security is directly related to your organization’s financial health. Whether your business website or web application already exists or is in development, it’s important to guard the safety of your assets and customers every step of the way. This protects both your bottom line and those who have trusted you to safeguard their personally identifiable records, credit card information, intellectual property and other sensitive data.

Criminals, hacktivists, script kiddies, and even staff error can create costly losses to your organization’s operations and public perception. Our penetration testing service achieves what many other scanners and services can’t; so we can help you stop damage before it stops your organization.

See for Yourself

See for yourself how Backward Logic has publicly rooted out vulnerabilities by viewing our zero day attack public disclosures. If these infrastructure vulnerabilities haven’t been addressed by the tool or service you’re using, then it’s time to give us a call.


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